Vizslas bred from the purest lines of vizslas possible.  We have loved the breed from the time we got our first vizsla nearly 20 years ago.  We adopted Scout and Shiloh with the intention of making a litter of all the things we love about vizslas.  We prefer a slightly larger version of the the breed.  Scout is a remarkable specimen of athleticism and strength.  Even at six years of age he amazes us with his endurance and love to push himself to the limit.  Shiloh is more petite and beautiful, although her lineage includes a fair amount of size.  The puppies are healthy and strong and when grown will be from medium to large size for a Vizsla.  Both Scout and Shiloh are very loving and caring dogs that brighten our lives on a daily basis.  Anyone that has owned a Vizsla knows this to be the case.  They are truly a part of the family.  Vizslas are extremely intelligent, thoughtful and caring dogs that put their families ahead of themselves.  They are bird hunting dogs and have lots of energy.  It is best for them to be with owners who will give them plenty of exercise.  Vizslas want to please and respond to positive reinforcement.

Vizslas are avid hunting dogs.  Among hunting breeds, Vizslas are one of the easiest to train as pleasing their owner/friend is a top priority.   Vizslas have lots of energy and respond best when well exercised.  A walk, run, hunt or playing fetch every day is a must. Vizslas are affectionate dogs and need a lot of human contact.
Nebraska Vizslas 
Seward County, Nebraska
Considerations for Prospective Vizsla owners
Vizslas are fairly high maintenance and require a lot of attention and exercise.  Although they are a lot of work, they return the favor with the level of companionship they provide.  They are highly trainable, gentle-mannered, affectionate and sensitive.  They respond to positive training and poorly to harsh discipline and isolation.  Vizslas are good companions for hunting, running, walking, hiking and for having in the house.  They are good family dogs as well as hunters.  It is best if they live in rural areas, but can adjust to city life with an owner who is sure to give them plenty of exercise.

When first bringing a puppy home, it is important to have someone with them as they adjust to their new home.  They need a lot of human contact.  
Shiloh with new pups - born Nov. 21, 2010
Shiloh & Scout's Pup
We are sorry, but no pups are available at this time.  Please enjoy the pictures.